Le Mont Saint Michel is a stony tidal island in Normandy, France, and a community. Located about one mile off the northwest coast of the country (just over half a mile), the Couesnon River near Avranches mouth. Population is 41 years old, since 2006. The island is a strategic issue at the fortifications, from ancient times, and 8 AD century Saint-Michel abbey, its name derived from its seat.

Island and the historic buildings

Mont St. Michel Island  is the ancient Structures itself situated in northwestern France Gulf of Saint-Malo. With the castle was built around the buildings of the 13th century many monasteries. The structure is very fine examples of Gothic structural design.

All structures on the island, like the castle, are the height above the sea 240 meters from the Coronation Church Abbey. Castle and Mont-Saint-Michel all the structures are built rock steps of 84 meters. It is made of pure granite was not tough enough to withstand the test of time.

Italian architect William de Volpiano appointed as the contractor in the 11th century. It is a Romanesque church in the current design, we can see the leader. Here’s an interesting feature of the ancient building in the subterranean cellars and churches. Many old buildings in these areas are still standing, even to this day.

Ancient History

Rise in the sixth to seventh century, Mont-Saint-Michel as a base. However, the role of the Roman culture of safety goalkeeper Brittany at the end of the Franks 460 AD looted. The next major event coverage areas, is St. Michael, most of which are based on the miraculous appearance of the legend. This happened in 708 AD Shengaobeier to witness the event.

English invasion of repeated attempts to Mont Saint Michel. However, every effort ultimately failed. All told, War of the famous one hundred years of the occurrence of such attacks. This is to strengthen the fortifications, meanwhile, in 1420. However, many of the siege, Romansque chair collapsed.

As in the Mont Saint Michel is a granite rock around, there is little surprise that many structures are created from this material. In the 15th century monastery, parish, curled in a small village, located in the castle and fortifications of transformation. Castles and other structures masterpiece of ancient architecture model.

VIA: Wikipedia

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